• 2000.6

    Establishment of Taimide
  • 2001.12

    Began trial run of T1 line
  • 2005.10

    Cooperation of developing Plateable Si-H PI with Arakawa Chemical
  • 2006.9

    Began mass production of T3 line
  • 2007.5

    Began trial run of T2 test line
  • 2007.12

    Establishment of joint venture-JTFT in developing PI Film of IC assembly application
  • 2010.7

    Approval of tenant in Tongluo Science Park
  • 2011.10月

    IPO in Taiwan Stock Exchange Market, code: 3645
  • 2012.3月

    Establishment of the subsidiary-Pomiran Metallization Research
  • 2012.5月

    Finished factory expansion in Tongluo Science Park
  • 2012.9月

    Began mass production of T4 lin
  • 2014.9月

    Began mass production of T5 line
  • 2015.11

    Approval of establishing Advanced PI Material Research and Development Center from Ministry of Science and Technology
  • 2018.4

    Tongluo Branch’s phase II construction start