Message from President

At Taimide, we understand that unconditional assumptions of both tangible and intangible responsibilities are the only way to achieve sustainable operations. As the organization expands, the scope of concerns and topics and also diversifies. While corporate social responsibility (CSR) has long become one of the most concerned topics in business activities, how to enable stakeholders to gain the biggest interest in the harsh microenvironment and rapid industrial change by turning CSR from a barrier into a drive to go forward is our prime concern.

Bytacklingvarious CSR topics, Taimide realizes from inside out the need to develop and reinforce its roles and commitments for all stakeholders and the awareness of co-prosperity and reciprocity with stakeholders. Therefore, by presenting our core competencies and requiting all stakeholders, we aim to cohere the trust link between stakeholder and us.

Through aggressiveplant expansion and striving for opportunities for business development with interdisciplinary innovation, we create more job opportunities, greater industrial economic value, and the symbiotic value of customers and suppliers. By building recovery equipment, we recover and purify waste liquids for reuse or as the raw material of other products for waste reduction so as to implement our responsibility for environmental stewardship.

We publish our CSR report in 2016. Sustainable development is the explicit presentation of the internal value and business goals of an enterprise. As the originator of the first CSR Committee, I, Paul S.C. Wu, have integrated organizational resources with real action, set business goals, and faithfully recorded Taimide’s each step toward the business goal. This is a commitment and challenge at the same time. Please continue to witness and support our unchanged belief “everything will be better” and let us complete depicting the blueprint of the beautiful future.

Paul S.C. Wu
President and Chairperson of the
Corporate Social Responsibility Committee