Safety and Health Mangement

Safety and Health Policy

As a world-class specialist PI developer and manufacturer, safety and health are our key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring cost and quality effectiveness. We do this in hopes of providing employees and stakeholders with a work environment free of safety worries. In addition, we aggressively pursue zero pollution, zero injury, zero occupational disease, and zero fire to make happy enterprise a reality at Taimide for the greater goal of sustainableoperations.

Safety and health policy committed by all

  • Legal compliance: Compliance with ESH laws and regulations at home and abroad and other customer requirements.
  • Hazard prevention: Prevention of pollution, clean production, and prevention of accidents for zero disaster.
  • Continual improvement: Implementation of the P-D-C-A cycle and annual review to continually improve ESH performance.
  • Total involvement: Emphasis on total involvement, education, training, communication, and other approaches to raise the employee’s ESH awareness and implement ESH.

Building Public Safety

We are committed to providing employees with a safe work environment. Right at the beginning of planning, we have hired qualified architects to design our factory buildings according to relevant regulations to comply with the requirements of authorities. We also implement public safety inspections periodically by the law.

Fire Inspection

To provide employees with a safe work environment andcomply with fire regulations, we inspect and maintain fire safety equipment within the factory buildings every year to ensure their performance, discover problems in advance, and draw up improvement plans. We also compile and create building data files for the fire unit to capture the condition of factory buildings to strive more time to make correct judgment for rescue when there is a fire in order to protect the life and property of employees and maintain public safety.

Safety and Health Organization and Staff

At Taimide, we establish the safety and health organizationand staff by the law and a health and safety committee chaired by the president with executives of all level as the standing members and one third of labor representatives. The safety and health committee holds meeting quarterly to discuss and supervise safety and health topics.

Safety and Health Measurement

No Category Item Regulatory Requirements
1. Work environment monitoring Noise (workplace), CO2 intensity, andorganic solvent intensity Occupational Safety and Health Act, Regulations for Implementing Work Environment Monitoring
Ambient noise test Noise Control Act, Noise Control Standard
2. Health examination General health examination Rules for Labor Health Protection
Special health examination Rules for Labor Health Protection
3. Fire safety equipment periodic inspection Fire safety equipment Fire Services Act
4. Building public security inspection Plant site buildings Regulations for Inspecting and Reporting Buildings Public Security

Contractor Management

To ensure and improve safety and health quality, we implement safety and health management on contractors and suppliers based on the policy “putting safety first, foreseeing dangers, and eliminating disasters” and “abiding by the rules” to improve work safety and health of personnel for zero accident, in order to deliver a safe workplace and realize “zero occupational accident.”

Education andTraining

To effectively raise theawareness of environment, safety, and health (ESH) in employees, each department draw up safety and health education and training courses according to the departmental work content, safety and health risk, and regulatory requirements. These courses are incorporated to the annual occupational safety and health management program for implementation. They include:
1.Pre-service training.
2.Safety and health education and training.
We have also implemented the TMS e-learning system to provide safety and health education andtraining courses for employees to search for and enroll to relevant courses at any time over the system regardless of the schedule limitation of physical courses.

Health Management

Upholding thebelief in “people are the most important assets,” we have been offering comprehensive health information (including disease prevention) and talks to meet the health needs of employees. To take care of the physical health of employees, we arrange periodic health examinations, including general and special health examinations, for employees, follow up employees with abnormal examination results, and give them necessary support and care for them to capture their health condition.

Xinpu Plant

Tongluo Plant

Accident Investigation andManagement

Aiming to realize “zero accident,” in the occupational accident handling mechanism for traffic accidents, we list the causes for management after investigation for improvement. We also review these causes at the safety and health committee to prevent the recurrence of similar hazards.